After initial treatment
Healed after 1st treatment

Semi-Permanent Hairstroke Eyebrows

Do you have to powder or pencil your eyebrows in everyday?

Whether it be from over plucking, medical conditions, natural hair loss or just that they are a bit off shape, gappy or sparse. Semi-permanent eyebrows could be the treatment for you!

I can create realistic, natural hairstroke brows using the advanced digital microblading method and specially developed needles.

The machine is one of the most sophisticated and advanced digital machines available to date and it uses the latest technology enabling even pigment implantation.

It is the most hygienic machine as it utilises a single use cartridge system so cross contamination is totally eliminated.

I trained with Mr Andrew Stassi. Founder of Smudge-Free Semi-permanent make up and one of the UK’s leading trainers and technicians in SPMU.

Due to my incredible training, the machines sophisticated design, specially developed needles and beautiful range of Ecuri pigments, digital microblading is not only faster, it’s more comfortable and lasts. Making it more desirable than conventional microblading.



Including Patch Test

  • Consultation
  • Patch Test

Initial Treatment

Initial Brow Treatment

  • First Eyebrow Treatment

Top Up

4 to 6 Week Top-up

  • Brow Top-up
  • Alterations


Annual Brow Refresh

  • 12 to 18 Month Refresh


Eyebrow Correction

  • Consultation
  • Patch Test

To book Microblading appointments please contact directly or DM @LauraBBrows

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